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Copyright on Custom Graphics:

If you are have graphics on your custom stamp, please be aware of NZ Copyright laws.

  • The image must be original to you (eg your company logo, something you have drawn or had designed) or
  • You have permission to reproduce the image or
  • You have purchased the image or
  • The image is from a Copyright free supplier

Copyright on Montarga Stock Stamps

Our 'Angel policy' allows you to use our stamps for creating handmade items for selling on a small scale, eg. to family, friends and craft markets.
The following restrictions apply:
  • Stamp designs may not be electronically reproduced by photocopying, scanning or printing, (each project must be hand stamped).Stamps are for personal and non-commercial use only.
  • Items using our stamped designs may not be sold to other parties for subsequent resale.  
  • Please contact us for a copyright stamp to go the back of your work when selling.